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The Phoenix

sitting in an oak

14 March
Hello, we are a multiple system. This means that there is more than one person sharing the body; no more, no less than that. Another word for this would be a plural system. There will be some members who will be posting from another friends journal; those members are known as bisystem members. I will not name them here, but do not be surprised by this.

There are a few simple (or not so simple) rules for reading this journal.

1) respect that the stuff we post about is real to *us*. If you cant, this is not the place for you
2) please do not call us crazy or suggest that we integrate. If you cannot do this; this is not the place for you.
3) thred necrowing is welcome. If there is an old entry you've missed and want to respond to that is fine by us
4) Decent, rspectable conversation is a must.
5) We do not mind new friends, but please comment as to how you found us and where you know us from. Do not expect us to add you back immediately if we don't know you, or if someone on our flist cannot vouch for you. While we don't mind new friends, serial adders will not be tolerated.
Also we would put up a list of who would bewritinghere, but it would be a bit long. For now, know that this space is now used by Phoenix (Primary/mane of the system) annd about six to eight others (depending on the year) which is subject to change at any given time.

Us in a nutshell:
-Geeky, geeky people
-crafters (when we can be)
-Musicians )The body can sing, and others play and do the same both in and away from it)
-Knowledge whores
-technology-oriented people
-cross cultural pagans spanning several pantheons

We hope you enjoy your stay with us. Feel free to check back as we will be updating the profile as more information becomes available.
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