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Musically inclined means music expert...?

Ohmygosh! I now know how you instant critics feel.
Right...I met this really interesting person on skype who puts out protest stuff. It's mainly like grass roots stuff and it sort of scares me because he brings up a lot of things that are going on now about how minorities are mistreated, walked on and basically taken advantage of. He talks about how they've had enough of certain things that we as a society tend to do. Thing is, being blind, I understand some of his points and I sort of understand where he's coming from because we, too, are taken advantage of at times and treated differently because of our blindness...I digress, however. So, I meet him and he wants to send me this rock track that he has been working on, which isn't a bad one to say the least, but knowing how he wants his words imphasized...well with the guitar the way it is now I'm having somewhat of a hard time understanding some of the lyrics...the guitarist needs some work, too, but I wasn't about to go that So I toldd him to bring itback about a notch...if that it just needs some fine adjusting so the voice comes out more. Pull back the guitar.
He proceeds to say, "I will do as you suggest." Um.....Hello, I'm not a music expert by any stretch of the means or imagination. He still is saying to consider it
I mean I'm flattered that he is allowing me to look at his music, and it's no end of pleasure to know that because I said something someone is going to do it, I'm just not used to having advice taken, especially in a field that I am by no means an expert in. Not to say that I won't get there, it's just right now I don't feel as if I'm up to the standard of saying do this and it gets done.
I'm so glad I got caught up on anthropology reading that it's not even funny. Now it's on to lit reading, and then on to reading of chapter six for anthropology. Then I'll have to go over it again to make sure it stays fresh in my mind...Thank God I don't have a math test until next week and I can get two tutoring sessions in before then...since I mist this weeks. Also thank GOd I havae the weekend. THe new/old me, or however you want to put it is about to come out...and stay. I'm not losing my innoscence, all, so don't even start getting freaked's just being barried so that when it's needed it's that much more shocking to those who don't know it's BTW welcome ras_pantheon to my friends list. You'll find that a lot of things go public, but the occasional friends list posts are rather an interesting read. I'll warn you now, anyone who pisses me off will know about it because that will be the only time I use words, or nearly so anyway. There are entries in here that aren't pretty, not that most of you will probably mind, but I'm putting this in here just in case there are ones under thirteen...gotta ya know?
Anyway welcome all of you and I hope you enjoy my adventures in University life.
For those who wish to know, I do have a writer's community. Comment if you want the address. Keep well and stay safe.

The Phoenix
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