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Ugh for screw ups!

OK all....
I am going to explain in quite technical details my adventure of the day so

I work the board as every one here's how it usually goes
Make sure person is on air, when the person closes bring music pot up underneath the person so that there isn't dead air. Person's mike is brought into cue which means it is no longer on the air and only the person in master control can hear them. Person's mike is taken off transmitter.
You find out which booth new reader is in and fix pot accordingly by making it's slid at least half way up, that goes for all pots. Count for person:5, 4, 3, 2, 1, point. On two, the person is out of cue and to transmitter which means they are on air, make sure music pot is in cue and all the way down.

However, little miss me, finding out half way through this exercise that I was running the show began to freak out. Which means I went too far and pressed the wrong button. I didn't at first know what I had done so I was so tightly strung that my nervousness was showing quite obviously. Turns out that I had taken him out of other words I had turned his mike off. Instead of pressing the last button on the row of two...I had gone too far up to the program buttons and pressed the last one there. Program stuff is where I have no business being, and the only things I need to mess with are the pot sliders and the cue buttons. A lesson in learning to through things and fix problems...hello, weak point here....which will soon be fixed I have no doubt. Especially if Glenn has anything to do for it. He is treating me like an adult which I like...he even said some, interesting words around me which I won't put** happens and if you f** up you f** up, it's no big deal. It's just radio, no one listens anyway. I was reassured by the others in there and by Glenn himself that he still makes mistakes. He did say he was very pleased with me, which made me feel better, but it still didn't calm my nervous state. For the first time, though, I suppose it was all right...I just don't like having to say I made a screw up for my first time out. He said I was a very bright person and that he wasn't sure whether he would like me or not because of the way I was with my mom and my nervous laugh...but he knows now that I am very intelligent. He is also saying that I need to get straight A's still, and giving me suggestions on things to do to study...again you only have one chance and if you blow're a fool...which he says I'm not, so there we go.

I come back to find that Vicky is there. She called me on the way out of the RRS and was like, where are you? I'm on my way home now...*thinks to self, damn it....this like totally slipped my mind!* Seth came to pick me up, and I also sent him to the mail box to pick something up for me, which was in, thank God! That something was a PAC Mate firmware update which works perfectly now that it has been installed. That's what Vicky had mainly come over for. That and to help with a few other things with the PAC Mate. I really do like her, she's really cool to work with and she's an extremely wonderful person. I looooove 2.5.177!!! I left for class a bit later than I should have, but still managed to get there on time. After class my teacher talked to me about my Math test because I didn't do so well on it. He says that he thinks I have a better handle on what is going on for this test...which I hope is true. It is kind of easy stuff, so we'll see what happens. I had dinner with a couple of friends and then one of them was nice enough to drive me home, where I promptly called a friend of mine...and was on the phone for a goodly amount of time. Thank God my plan switches over on Thursday...LOL

I hope everyone has a good night and for those who may be new to friends list, welcome. Once I know you are all in, I will do the formal stuff...or as formal as it gets with me. For all the veteran readers, good night and stay safe.

The Phoenix
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