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quiz...and other things

Hello readers,
Quiz went well except for....
they were working on the Eagle Cafe door because the lock was acting up, which includes drilling...and I don't mean the light handdrilling, I mean the actual power drilling that sounds like they're taking out the entire wall...ya know like down at ISB outside Nis Fran's room that one year. So since it's right next door to the Adaptive Services office, it was giving them a headache and me as well. Courtney's head ache was right in the back of her head from what I could tell...although she didn't say, she just pointed, so I can't be sure. Mine however was right in the forehead and sinus area...i could litterally feel it in my nose....was not a pleasant feeling. I was nearly tempted to take the quiz after class, but didn't. I did well on it, but still...

I just got back from a nice walk with Andy to Baldies and back to get some food. he also took me down to the beach and we sat and talked for a while. I'm beginning to get past the initial not liking him for some reason bit, which is a good thing to say the least. Especially since one of my four "companions" seems to like him. They actually let him hold them, which is a rarity to say the least. The last person they let do that was Wendyl....and that was some months back. I know that someone else was allowed to touch them, but holding is something totally different...
He's really nice and I really do enjoy his company. I'm glad he came over tonight as I was getting rather tired of looking, so to speak, at the inside of this room.

I'm about to scream again. I have aquiz from bledsoe I haven't done yet and a quiz tomorrow in my chemestry class....on stuff I haven't even read because I don't have the tapes. I keep asking at the office and they keep saying no...I am seriously not liking the book situation this semester. It is really bad when you only have your books for only one class. One of the classes I know why I don't have the book, and I just found out that I toatally missed my tutoring session today...and Cori's going to scream tomorrow...but the other two...well, I don't know why it's taking so long for them to read all of that. Hopefully I won't be too much longer in waiting.

Anyway, now that I've realized that Mondays, three to four is tutoring and I completely forgot, considering that today was a fairly good day at the boards and that the night was pleasant, I should leave you for the land of dreams...or at least the land of relaxation. Until I see you again...

the Phoenix
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