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Owl's room was open last night, so you can guess who sat her little but down in there....two and a half hours
I was speaking with Doreen when I found the room open...and I was so extremely excited because It's been ages since I've been there, thatI just...had, to, get It was interesting how much good a little intelligent conversation can do before someone heads off to bed....lo
Anyway yesterday wasn't much except for that exciting bit. I just relaxed, talked to candypumpkins on MSN and Geulia nad Darren on skype. And of course, Doreen on the phone. LOL
No homework done at all...which means I will have to get on it today as I have a quiz in anthropology on Monday...which I don't know the format of. This semester is soooo much easier at the moment....I hope I manage A's. I just hope I can say this at the end. LOL I think the challenge is going to be the math...smiles. My teacher, though is willing to work with me...more readily it seems than someone else at the moment....that's all I'll say for now on that matter.

Untill i write again phoenix fans...take care of yourself.

The Phoenix
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