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Day at the broadcast building

It's friday, readers, and today's been a nice relaxing day for me.

I worked at the broadcasting building today for the fourth time. I can't believe it's already been a week since I started working there and I now have four CSL hours to my name where I previously had none.
I stayed there for about three hours because I wanted to get some writing done in peace and quiet. I did get some writing done, mainly e-mails to people that I would like to keep in touch with. After that Glen and I started talking.
I told him I was a writer and he gave me several ideas. He said that all true writers he knows keep a when I said I did, he said that I was a writer. That made me feel good. he said that i should write for the school paper and write from my perspective of the campus...write about access and things like this....ok all you guys, give me ideas. Access to me means how do I get around campus, the way I get things done....what else can I write about that would be interesting to readers here? I told him I had an article on screen readers and comparing them, and he told me that he wouldn't publish that beecause the only ones who would be intrested in that were blind people. He said to write for the market. I do plan to write for the paper, but at the moment, other than album reviews, I don't know what else to write about.
I also told him that I was a singer, and that school was first for me....he said that school should be first, second, third, fourth, fifth and millionth. He said that I need to get straight A's because they expect so much more out of us. I'm not sure I agree with that, But OK. He also said that the state has to hire us because we have a disability and they have to hire a certain percentage of disabled people. I do know that we have to work that much harder to keep up with the sighted world, but that is somewhat of a given for us and it actually depends on your vision, or lack of, that determines how much harder you have to work.
He talked about having different voices in his head and they all talk and how crazy they were...he's not crazy, though he's as sane as I am, and I have those voices too. He says he understands them and he actually introduced me to some of them. One he says does wether reports, he said that they were radio people....there were a few others that I can't remember what they did. He said tht writing was all about the editing...that's definitely the truth. I know that me and doreen worked at least fifteen minutes on my most current writing ediging it so that it sounded like a child's voice, which is what I wanted. he sayse that when the voices talk, you have to write them, and you have to know how to edit them. True that....very true that. two of my own voices were ready to come out and be introduced, but then we were interrupted by two people who came in. Jack and Doctor Sharidon...I can't remember her first name at the moment. Glen told them that I was a writer, and he Jack and I went off on a book tangent and authors.
When they left and before I left, Glen and I talked about music as well and he told me that NLS has instructional material for different instruments for free...hello people, I did not know this....I am extremely excited now....woooooooot!!! I told him about featherwind, my flute, and he told me that he names his instruments too. He has a 1960's everly brothers gibson style guitar whose name is Daville as in Coop Diville. I told him about feather wind's being a gift. He was really into native things like bead work and things and he said he used to do it when he could see and he enjoyed doing it. He said that it took him several years to learn his instruments. It took him two and a half years to learn the guitar. he also told me about the differences between certain kinds of music. He told me that native American music is done on the pentonic scale with only six notes, and that if I liked Native music that I should try Chinese music because it's done in the same fashion.
Blues, he said and Celtic music are done in the same way, too, they are both in triplicates. Except for in blues it's not the straight fast one two three, one two on. blues leaves out two...the second drum beat is silent so it's one...thre one....three and that's what makes it swing. I was absolutely fascinated. He also told me about his learning different techniques on the harmonica, like over drawing and overblowing, and how he was learning to get the instrument to make sharps and flats. Someone tell me why I didn't know that the harmonica was like a piano with only the white keys? OK...retorical there, but that was just a little interesting thing that I didn't know. I told himm about taking voice and piano lessons from someone in Cape Coral and that's how the whole instrument thing started.
I am so glad I am working there, seriously readers. Ever since I started working there, I have been a lot more motivated to do school stuff, and I don't hink it's just Glen. I feel a lot happier this semester than I did last semester, and the classes are all enjoyable, even the math one. The teacher is doing all he can to help me, and it's just absolutely wonderful.

After I left the brodcast building I went to eat at the Eagle cafe, but I took the long way. I took the board walk. I went out of the broadcast building, turned right, walked down the sidewalk, and turned right onto the boardwalk.
This walk, however, was the best thing I could have done for myself. I walked slowly on purpose. I walked down the sidewalk, past a lake with a fountain. The wind was just right, so that I got a little sprinkle from the spray, but the sound of the water was just so soothing. I doubled back just so I could listen to it longer. Then I reached the board walk. I think it took me a full ten to fifteen minutes to traverse it because I kept stopping just to listen. I heard birts singing in the treas, I heard a squirrel somewhere, and about three or four people walking on it. I stopped in the middle of the boardwalk and I could still hear the fountain from there. I absolutely love the sound of falling water, it reminds me of something, but at the moment I don't know what it is. Also, the sun was warm and very comforting. In fact, as I was walking, it fell right where my hart was and I felt like it was welcoming me. I felt as if something out there was saying well done, take your time and we will guide you to where you need to be. I felt safe, relaxed and in tune with nature and my surroundings. It was like I could feel every single tree there, every single plant....every little thing. I knew everything that was going on, sometimes before it happened. I heard two women talking, they stopped as they passed me, but I remember the sentence as clear as day. I knew that I was coming to the end of the boardwalk about ten steps before the slope heading off of it. I could have stayed there all day and it wouldn't have bothered me at all. I hadn't felt that way in a veryy long time and having that feeling just makes me so excited in a very good way.
I felt like something was saying, "Welcome back little's been far too long." That feeling is amazingly wonderful I can't even describe it....all I know is that I loved it and I think that walk is going to become a weekly thing for me. It was almost meditative....and the surroundings on the board walk are absolutely lovely. I am glad to work at the broadcast building just to have a chance to walk that every week.
I continued on to the Eagle cafe, and ate lunch with a friend of mine. I miss Tony...he's been out sick for the past three days and the atmosphere just isn't the same and neither is the cooking. I will definitely mis that place when I leave. So everyone...Keep Tony in your prayers and send as much healing energy as you can, please.
Now then that I've written a very interesting novel, I suppose I had better start sorting close and go get some change so that when mom comes I'm ready to start laundry. I feel so much more organized too since I started working for him....I seriously think he is going to teach me a lot. I'm sorry for not cutting this entry, but again I don't knwo a good place to do so. I'm still extremely relaxed and extremely mellow feeling. Happy fridy all!!

The Phoenix
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