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Why do I let myself do this?

Things I need to do before tomorrow.
*write a two page reading reaction for Bledsoe
*read A Man said to the Universe
*read for chemestry class which is ner impossible since I only have one tape and it only goes so far..

And I'm usually in bed by nine thirty/ten...I don't be thinkin' so tonight.
I told myself that this semester I wouldn't le t tthis happen and that I wouldn't get so piled under to the point where I am lothed to do anything. happens again. Three weeks in....why do I let myself go like this? What the hell is wrong with me?? I am extremely glad my environmental chemestry teacher doesn't have us do lab write ups other wise I would seriously be screaming right now. and in the course of this next week I have three exams. Someone keep me sane, please!!! I love school, don't get me wrong, and compared to last semester this one's been rather easy, but this kind of thing scares me just a tad. If I'm this procrastinatory during school, how will I be when I actually get a job? Which is something I really need to start considering. I really want to finissh school and make it into the small percentage of my family as a whole who have made it through college. Om my mom's side my cousins adam and Jerusha have finished and I do believe my other two are going to start. Nick's in I do think, and Coday, I'm not sure about.
Anyway I guess its off to do some writing...if my room mates will ever stop playing ball in the hall way.....arhrhrhrhrhrg!!!! I really don't need this distraction right now.

The Phoenix
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