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The Phoenix


OK sighted readers, you won't understand this, but here it goes anyway.

I visited TP hoolihan's sight today to see whether I could sign up for their news letter or not...and OMG the music!!! It was excessively loud. In fact it was so loud that it effectively drowned out JAWS and since I don't have a USB to hook the braille display to the comp, the sight was completely inaccessible to me. I mean, I don't mind music, but please, keep it at less than fifty/sixty percent volume or something....please? There's a site on Florida that has music and it's perfectly navicable, but when it's too loud and I can't hear what's going on, I become very annoyed very quickly.

OK I'm done now, sorry guys, but that just really bugs me. Not to the point of making me too angry, mind. Just slightly peeved, that's all. I like my independence, thank you, and good sites that need sighted assistance don't really help that any.

Mom is coming down tomorrow with some much needed distractions. Two CD's and a LJB book....yea!!!!! Cat lovers need LJB, and if you don't know who she've not been educated properly. LOL no only joking, but she was considered the queen of mystery writers at one time and she's an extremely good writer. Some think hers are too kitty kiddy, no pun intended, for them, but i don't think so. There are too many adult references in there...none sexual, mind, but there are things that children wouldn't understand. Mom will be here after she takes Grandma to church tomorrow which means I'll be rolling out of bed by about eight or so, which isn't bad, really. It's considered sleeping in since on the week days I get up at six thirty and seven depending on my needs at the time.
I guess i should go now since I am starting to ramble a bit. I hope all of you have a good night.

The Phoenix
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