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taken from sunrisingsoul
Hey xolunagoddessox and ryogalost I thought you would like this

Well I just recently saw "Vandread" This show is done by GONZO. If anyone knows of him, then you know he does a stylish job on his shows and does great
animation. This show is about a man named Hibiki Tokai, in which he lives on the male planet Tarrol. Basically they do not like women, or hate the idea
of living with them. Majaire which is the womens planet are set to be monsters. In the beginning they attack Tarrok. Hibiki is trying to escape from being
in such a life, and is pretty much confused on what he is or who he is. The women infiltrate the mens planet and Hibiki meets a woman named Dita, who is
a ditsy but yet careing pilot of a dread, which is a robot. Somehow Hibiki, and two other men get pulled onto the pirate ship of the womens planet. From
here on out, men and women try to coexist with one another. Really makes for an interesting show, besides all the cool fighting with robots and big transformations,
the story really centers on how both men and women can exist with each other. I thought it was really interesting and liked it a lot ^_^ Classic voice
as Murai play Hibiki, Hikari Shidou who was the main role in Magic Knight Rayearth, plays Dita, Noriko from Fushigi Yugi "BEST SHOW EVER!" plays Jura a
pilot for the dreads, Genkais voice from YuYu Hakusho is the main captain of the ship, and many other voices make the scene flow well, as this show really
is something to see ^_^

Mind this review is written ver batem from said journal. I just thought you anime types would like to see that.

The Phoenix
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