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OK...early morning again.

Hello all reading,

yep, another early morning for hte Phoenix. I've done the science questions...hard as hell because a lot of them had you using knowledge from earlier in the book, and you know how that goes when thing are on tape. Anyway. I've only got one class today, so all that needs doing is turning these in and then reading the last two chapters of the bookj....then it's done for that class with that book. Yea!!!

Yesterday.....well yesterday and Friday were horrid!!! Thankfully the evenings went by in a hurry.

I would've made this a friends only, but most of the frustration is gone, so I'll spair all of you that. I'm still sort of annoyed, but not nearly as bad as yesterday or even Friday.
It's just hte fact that i feel my parents are expecting me to get A's in these classes. Yes, I am here for myself, you just don't know how much I enjoy the freedom here!! hyes I'm here to learn for myself and all....but the point is the thought is there. Then Mom wants me to e-mail my papers to her, all well and good, right? Well, the formatting's not right, so she has me fix some paragraphs, good, no problem there. It's justwhen she has me change some of the wording around to make it more "mature sounding," when I get sort of upset. I mean sometimes it's necessary, but it all depends on the teacher. Her thing is an instructor's an instructor....god sometimes I feel like it's not my paper anymore.

Anyway enough of that. I said I'd spair you thee rest of the frustration, so I will. I just hope that the person I have decided to stay friends withh stops annoying me!!!
I hope all of you have a good day and I will probably end up doing the same, though who knows how long I'll be online before I head for class.

Till next time all,

The Phoenix
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