The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

what a mess

I went home last weekend to find that I had been slapped in the face with about six months worth of cable bills from when I went to Tallahassee. Not only that, they stuck six separate envoices in one envelope and mailed them to me. I was unaware that I had to disconnect in writing after moving out of my room. Besides, I wasn't the one who turned in the box, my room mate was. And when I had theacontract read, I don't remember anything about having to disconnect in writing. So now I'm being billed for six months of comcast that I never even used. I will probably end up paying the first bill because I was there for the beginning of the month, but the rest of the bills I'm going to fight to not have to pay because they weren't sent to me in a timely manner. I would like to have gotten a hold of them today but I ended up having to leave a message which seriously sucks.

There was another situation which I won't go into here but which is also none too pleasing to yours truly. I seriously hope everyone is having a better day than I am at the moment. The only good thing about today was the morning where I got to sit in front of a board in RRS in the broadcast building.

The Phoenix
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