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tired, too damned tired

I know it's thursday night, the start of what I call my weekend and I know I told Bletso I'd get the quiz to her later today, but damn it I'm tired. I still haven't pulled the disks from my pac mate case and I do have a Chemestry quiz that's sitting in my inbox as well. I'm usually not this drawn out, but, though this week has been rather uneventful, it has just seemed longer and more drawn out than last week. It's as if something wants me to get an inordinant amount of sleep and I don't know why that is. I'm going to bed at god awful early hours like nine thirty and ten instead of my usuall eleven/eleven thirty. Which is still early by some people's standards, but there we are. The only time I stay up is if Barn Owl has the room open and I can spend it in good company there. I know this won't make a good deal of talk to some, but I actually saw Indiana Boy online today which sort of surprised me. This allays the long-standing fear of mine that he had blocked me. If he did block me, he suddenly chose to undo the block. In any case, it was kind of nice to see him there. I've been meaning to call him, but due to several factors, the main one being homework, I haven't gotten around to it. Hopefully it'll be one of those convos where it will consist mainly of pleasantries and writing techniques. At the moment that's all I wish to get into with him. I will of course update him on the family, but with us that's usually a given.
In any case I think I will take my tired boddy off to bed and do these quezzes when I first get up while I'm fresh and before I think about doing anything else.
aerdran know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I will be sending your little one all the calming energies I can spare. I'm a firm believer in energy work and many other things both Christian and eclectic. So there we are. I hope it will be of some help to you.

The Phoenix
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