The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Alene extravaganza

Hello all,

I didn't really do much today except for

Mom and I left at about two to go to Sentenial park where they were thaving a festival for Martin Lother King day where Alene G, a friend of mine who I have written about before was. We got there and walked around until we found her. Kowia the Serval was there as was her Boston Terrier, China. She told me that a man who helps train dogs wanted to keep in touch with me so I gave her my cell so she could give it to him. Cross's trainer for thos who read of the event. The trainer said that I was one of the most beautiful people he had ever's a good thing he's quite a bit older than I am otherwise we'd be having issues.
She gave me a seal that is holding a hart that says "I love you." She really has become an important person in my life because she doesthings I could never do. SHe helps the environment by educating others on amimals through the Servals. I could educate others, I suppose, but she is so knowledgeable on animals and the issues that sometimes she makes me look ignorant. And to think she was the one who led me to ninety percent of my panther paper information.
She also gave me an ice cream cone...a stuffed animal one and let me pick a framed picture. I chose one with tigers on it which was one that I had keept coming back to throughout the time I was there. Mom protested, but Alene said that I was her friend, so she relented.
Alene has done some really nice things for me, she's come out to the University and has given me really very few things in return. I love spending time with her and one of these days I plan to visit her at her home.

We came back down to school after stoping at Circuit City to pick up a little thing for my computer. We walked Mirimar outlets and she left after giving me the usual be careful be safe message.

Again not much worth discussing, but there we are.

The Phoenix
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