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Hello Readers,

I have been home the past two days and mot much has been going on lately. Except fore

I came home with the PAC Mate after only having it for a week. I had tried syncing stuff before I left, but when I cane home the Braille display had just died. It wasn't giving me support, it wasn't even acting like itwas connected to PACMate. I was understandibly nervous...and my first thoughts were, o crap did I do somethingto break it already?
This was Friday night. So the next day I tell dDoreen who gets on the phone with a technician friend of hers.
D: hello there.
maile, Hi Doreen how are you?
D: I'm fine I have a friend on the line with me who has a PAC Mate..
Male: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Male: What's the problem? Oooh an intelligent
Me: My Beraille display died.
Male: hHave you tried it on a regular computer?
Me: no. I haven't had time to set it up yet.
Male: WHat PAC Mate do you have, BX or QX?
Me: QX.
Male: Well there could be a few problems, do you have 2.5 on your machine? (2.5 is a firmware version, it's akin to saying JAWS version whatever)
Me: I don't know, I'm not sure how to get to such information.
So he tells me how to get there and I find out that I don't have 2.5, I have 2.1 which he says is part of my problem because there is a bug in that particular version that was fixed in two five where the Braille dispaly will quit and the only way to get it back is to cold recet the thing.
So I have him walk me through saving my stuff onto a flash card which was something I wanted to know anyway, and we do a cold recet...and vwila...Braille support.
Think the stars forDoreen and her techician friends. Mom and I both shared tense moments over that little Braille display nonfunctionality.

We were supposed to go to festivals yesterday, but we didn't due to the weather being rather nasty for this neck of the woods.

Medieval faires rule!!!!! There were a lot of venders there with jewelry, necklaces for one, earrings, and a vender we visited even had headpieces and hand peces where the chain went around one finger and beads came up the hand to the rist. How the man new my size I will never know, but he did and I nearly bought one, but I didn't and that was a saving grace. We passed a lot of magic shows, tarot readers astrologists, and there was even one vender who sold bamboo canes made into flutes and ocherinas SP. There was a fairy walking around and Dad had her stop so I could feel her costume and she gave me a blue ribbon for my hair.
We walked around the circle and stopped at a vender who sold tiaras and he let me try one on that had a genuin blue Topaz hanging from the middle of it so that when I wore it, it hit right in the middle of my forehead. He also showed me ceveral different broaches that clasped in the middle and would strech across the tgarment...two piece broaches. He had maple and oak leaf broaches and one with a little different clasp that was a butterfly and flower pattern.
Then we saw the Empty hats perform...yea!!! That group is always nice to listen too. Before then however we had met one of the performers while in line to eat.
They did a lot of the songs we liked
Blind Fiddler,
If You're Going to Love a Woman
Blanket of Night
A Night's visitor Song
And others. Nice set, too. Irish bands are always wonderful smiles. We bought their newest CD which was why I say not buying the hand piece was a saving grace. Next year I'm going to have to bring more money for more reasons than one
Also Dad let me feel another woman's costume and she was really decked out. A big hat with a dreamcatcher down one side and plumes down the other. A small tea cup and a goat bell that when she moved made a two part bell. A cow bell as a counterweight for her bag, a teabone in a smaller pouch and a dress that I knew she had to be wearing because it was colder out, lol. After the enpty Hats performed we stopped just for a minute outside where she was sitting.
On the way out we found a place that sold crystals...and Oh my gosh readers, the energy in that pklace was just absolutely incredible. I was able to hold ceveral of the crystals, including one that was multicolored, it had nearly every color of the rainbow in it and was shaped into a sphere. There were also smokey quartz crystals in every shape and size from a big rough stone to long pyramidal points that looked like squares witha point, hexagonal ones, Quarts spheres. Fire and Ice points, and malikite pieces That were just so alive feeling. The woman there was really nice and helpful. She even knew what the phoenix was and said that"she" was beautiful...that seriously cought me off guard. I knew that my phoenix was a she...but how the lady knew is beyond me...course I didn't sho my surprise, but if she is half as intuitive as I think she might be, she probably sensed it. She told me that the multicolored one had called to her as soon as she, the lady, saw me. I held that one for a long time...if it weren't so much I may have ended up going home with it. I didn't want to leave, and I noticed that as I was leaving a lot of the energies were following me as far as they could.
We also bought some sage and said good bye to Luny Lucy one of the performers in Empty Hats. I sang for her and Mom took a picture of us together...not for the first time. She also took a picture of me with the English looking woman.
When I got home, she told me she didn't want to say anything to spoil my moment, but when I smiled really pretty in the sunlight, my teeth looked questionable...damn, I seriously hope my breath wasn't...too disgusting. I came home and had dinner, talked with doreen and promptly took a nap...bad mistake as I will now be up all night.

That really has been the only thing worth discussing so far this weekend as yesterday we really didn't do much. I was sort of upset with myself, though because I had left my mic and headphones at school and I really wanted to talk to a good friend of mine. Ah well...Monday will be the day if I don't go back to school too late, smiles. Hope all are well and keep safe.

The Phoenix
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