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Christmas stuff

Christmas week was quite exhausting�hence the nasty cold I just received like a slap in the fase this morning. I need a cuddle�someone? Pleas!!!!?

Family came in on yesterday as you already know and Today was mostly packing and settling in day. Tonight however was my grandpa's birthday so we went to Eguanamias and had a nice time. All except for gGramdma who ate a really hot chile pepper first off and wouldn't eat anything else. My grandpa got his picture taken in a sumbraro and there was a Mariachi concert, which or course yours truly enjoyed immensely and had to join in their antics with a few trills of my own. The fried ice cream was past and everybody got a small bite. I got to see some of my grandpa's friends, Frank and Margie whose granddaughter I'm pen pals with. Those who read will know that she and I have met in person and have gone to the beach and all that good stuff. We had family pictures taken and I also had a picture taken with Frank to send to Nikki.
What was also a nice part of the night was when my mom announced Kellen's birth. She told the assembly that his name was Kellen Alexander and that he was born on the 22nd of December.

I will tell you that his name is Kellen Alexander, he was born on the 22nd of December, weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. I'm extremely excited and through the next very long time I will be keeping track of his growth, so forgive me now if it gets a little overexcessive.
Friday the 24th

Today was Dali museum day�.wow!!! Seriously readers that's all I can say. We took a tour of the museum and the mass media, paingings and art there was just absolutely awesome. The Salvador Dali Museum is in St. Petersburg Florida for those who are interested in locations. I never realized how much of a genius that man was�double imaging in the toridor with the venis demilo, the masterwork with the melted watches, the millet Angeles�gods man!! The museum is oner of six masterworks of hlis, the most master works in one place. We also watched a short animation piece that he and Disney collaborated on, it was absolutely awesome. Mom described it to me, and the symbolism in it was just awesome.
Dali was thought to be the reincarnation of his dead brother who shares the same name as he. He was born in1904 if I remember right, but I can't remember when he died, I think it was sometime in the eighties or something�lol
Saturday, Christmas day

* bath and body works giftset: cottonblossom scent
* my very own copy of "Return of the Guardians"
Comment: For all you David Arkenstone fans out there, this is a must have. This album is nothing short of incredible. It's just absolutely amazing.
*"Oh Holy Night" a Contemporary Christian compilation of artists doing Christmas songs
* Rackity Tam: a redwall story
*a small bottle of cucumber mellon lotion
*butterfly pin
And a Christmas bag that contained candy and a small family picture.
I didn't get too many big presents this year because Mom got a lot of mine early and all. One of the early ones was the Remington razor.
Sunday was shopping day and I got a lot of nice clothes. A couple of pairs of poliesther pants, a couple of button down blouses, two pairs of Jeans and a couple of T-shirtgs. Then we went to the airport to drop off Sunshine and Harmony because they were leaving early for work related reasons. Mom Aunt Nancy and I shared a cinabun while there and then we came home.
Monday was pretty busy as well because we went shopping again for after Christmas sale stuff, went to Mannitee Park and Fort Myers beach. At For Myers Beach I got to walk in the water and we had lunch on the beach. We didn't really do much shopping because we got there kind of late. I was kind of upset because I kind of wanted to look around and not just eat on the beach, but oh well. One of the reasons the wanted to get home was because they weren't sure when the panting was going to start.
Mom had a painting party with her sisters that night, so I mostly stayed back in my room and played around on paltalk. I went to bed kind of early so I woke up at about two o'clock or so and then stayed up for a few hours before heading back to bed.
Tuesday I went back to the airport to drop the rest of the family off as well as going over to the Grandparents house before then to clean up, take down Christmas decorations and take my grandma out for a cup of coffee before the girls left.
After that I came home and was on the phone for the rest of the day.
Wednesday was rest day for the most part. It should have been after that whole intire busy week. It was nice to see the family and all though.

then�well you know all about today�sneeze, sneeze, sneeze!!!
Cuddle me someone please? Please? I really need one right about now.

The Phoenix
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