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Math woes

OOOOOO my Go'o'o'o'od readers!!!

I thought intermediate algebra was going to be a challengee. boy oh boy was I badly mistaken. There are some thing in lib arts 2 math that hae my head spinning. He has been showing us the Mayan and Babylonian number systems as well as having us put numbers to bases....this stuff is making my head spin! Again it doesn't help with the single Braille bar. Even on the pac mate there's only a single bar. I lost four sells to BTW science_vixen, but that really doesn't matter.
I'm beginning to wonder if I'll pass this first test which is next Thursday. Wish me luck everyvody.

In other news, I had someone from the Visually Impaired Person's Center over today and I kind of felt badfor her because my room was a mess and I was sort of scatter brained. She had to move some dirty clothes out of the way so her dog cold lie down and I didn't have half the stuff done on the PAC Mate as I should have before she got hee. She didn't stay very long as she was going out of town for the weekend, but we did find a way to sink media to PAC Mate. I would still like to know how to save media files to flash card. I know how to do it with PSW files and stuff, but not with media and other files. Any tips PM users?

Writing on back burner is not making me happy. I'd like to start writing in some of the stories I have done, but another story popped into my head during class so I had to writ it down. It's sort of based of Lackeys Tutor England series, and the other stories that are set in England. I doubt it will be published, but if we ever meet someday I may have her look at it if I have it done by then. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever finish any of my writings. Some of them are too big to put here, but some of the smaller ones I may put in the writer's community I have going...not that posts in there are regular or anything, but it's nice to know that it's there when I have an insperation I'm a reader, writer and singer at hart, for those who don't know and not being able to write for pleasure in the way I used to is beginning to drive me insane. Perhaps it's because I spend to much time on the comp, but for some reason my creative juices just haven't been flowing lately. Except for that one time when that story came to me right in the middle of math class nonethe less. I have a funny feeling that that is where a lot of my writing will be done as that class right now seems to be a lot of silent student work.

Now it's off to chat on MSN. Have a good Martin Luther King Day for those in the states. I'm lucky because I get a four day weekend. I am going home for the weekend, so I should be able to post Christmas stuff then and another piece of news that everyone will enjoy. Keep safe and be well.

The Phoenix.
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