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one day late again

Hello all,

Yesterday was pretty good for the most part. I think I am going to enjoy my entironmentl chemestry class because you get to take field trips and I really enjoy hands on stuff. My nath class will probably be the most challenging though since it will be dealing a lot with algebra and stuff and that is what I have tdifficulties with. I'm just glad it's not college algebra where it goes more in depth. There are five tests, however and a final and the first one's a week from tomorrow. I just hope it's not as long as the last tests I had. Quizzes are one thing, but actual exams...well we'll see. But don't be surprised if a lot of ***s show up here. For those who don't know. I am not the type to use profanity for the most part and I do try to keep it clean in here...but when I let fly you willl be knowing it because it really comes out. I do slip sometimes and I may say some of the more tame four letter ones...but it doesn't happen very often. I'm just letting new readers know so that when I do let fly it doesn't surprise them.

Anyway I will write more latter. I was supposed to have an appointment with someone from the VIP but due to the usuall run of Goodwheels screw ups she hasn't arrived yet. So I suppose I will have to reschedule for a Friday when I have all day.

I hope all are doing well and keep safe.

The Phoenix
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