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Hello all,

I am now back at school and will be posting Christmas stuff this weekend as I didn't have time to do so before I left.
Last night was my first night back and I seem to have settled back here rather quickly. The night before however was absolutely awesome.
I was feeling it though, because I had three pints of Guinness. I went to Hoolihan's with my Mom...and I was listening for Michael Bailey and upon not hearing him I was somewhat disappointed and expressed it to my mom. We were still outside the bar/restaurant, however, so I had no idea he was there until we walked in. Then he walked over and says hi to me and my face registered shocked surprise according to my mom, as well as joy. he sat us at the bar and asked us what we wanted. Guinness of course, smiles and Mom got the Killian's. She ordered two orders of cottage fries, which are the same as waffle fries. Paul Duffy was there, and he was just absolutely phenomenal!! Michael introduced me to him and teased about me knowing all the songs he had just done. We didn't miss very much of his music as we arrived at eight thirty and entertainment starts at eight. He did a rather wide selection of things, monkeys, some Irish tunes, Santana, Labamba, since I am a Spanish major, and other things. When he did Santana, and the blues stuff he played the electric guitar, he also played the flute, keyboard, saxophone and sang.
I asked him to do Conermara, a song he wrote, and since he couldn't remember it, he gave me the CD with it on it for free, he also gave me the first one for free for something to play in the dorm while I was here at college. Also, Michael asked me to have a drink on him since I was going away...smiles, my third Guinness since being there. I had also had an Irish BLT which came with more cottage fries and Coe slaw which I let my mom have. I came home feeling it and probably a little slurred speech wise but it was just awesome. Paul Duffy was partof the Commitments and left in 1996, but the rest are still at it apparently. So my last night home was a memmorable one...especially since my all time favorite accordeon player was part of it. Smiles. I love his music....and am about to say that he is an absolute gentleman. He's really nice and I'm beginning to consider him a friend, and not just because of the drinks or the music, just coming out to sit me down and all...not too many people would do something like that in any place. So anyway...
I am now in classes and my first one was absolutely fabulous. The teacher knows me for me as she has seen me around campus on the bus and the class, Intro to anthropology, seems like it will be a fun one. I had to swich classes because the art one apparently is deemed to be a tough one, so I'm now taking a lit class. I havent checked my schedule, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's Mendival as she seemed to be the one teaching most of the lit ones this semester.
In any case, my book picking up day will be tomorrow as I will be having only two classes tomorrow and that will be fun. Environmental Chemestry and my math class. I'm just glad I have no classes again of Fridays. Makes me wonder if this wasn't meant to be or something as I promised myself not to have classes on fridays if I could help it.

Oh yeah....and I now have a PAC Mate!!! I picked it up last Friday and absolutely love the thing...smiles. it is a QX 400 series for those interested and has a forty cell braille display....and it is absolutely wonderful@!!! LOL. So I have won my battle. Only thing is, I may have to keep the laptop as I can't seem to have the printer and scanner work with it yet. So there we are....I am absolutely excited and pleased and satisfied. Yea go me!!!!
Anyway, I suppose this will be it for now and I will write more when I get the chance and I will try not to disappear for days on end. Smiles. Take care all and stay safe.

The Phoenix
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