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grades and calling all writers again...

Hello all readers,

My grades are in...
PR Writing: B
Math: B, yayayayayayayayay!!!
poetry writing A
These are what I was kind of expecting, except for i was kind of hoping for an A in PR writing, but Oh well. I think th B was because I didn't turn a lot of my work in time due to the rocky start of the semester. Unfortunately one situation led to another and the whole semester ended up being one hell of a roller coaster for me and doubtless all involved in eveerything.
Incomplete theories of human communication: C
Damn it!!! I am not happ right now because this, this, this!!!! This is my very first C and I hate it!!! I can no longer say all A's and B's I was so proud of that record and this stupid person of a prof just had to ruin it for mee...damn it all!!! Mom says that I shoult learn from this and be more careful...I have, damn it, but that doesn't make it any f**king easier. She says that I chould e-mail him and say that this is my first C and to ask him what I could have done to do beter, she thinks he may have given it to me because it was an incomplete and I had to make it up, but she says we don't know. I feel slighted, though because I worked on that thing all of thanksgiving break...all damn week...and what I get for my efforts just doesn't feel right. I'm about to scream!!! I just don'tlike the fact that I feel I worked on this, proof read it, and then...wham!!! He could have at least given me a B for all the effort I put into it ad for even caring...stupid rant, this may be, but after three years of all A's and b's this just feels like an insult to my intelligence, but that's just MHO I guess.
On another topic dealing with mom, she is talking about how I'll have to be careful with my new room mates because they seem like the type who like to party. They watch movies a lot, have friends over all the time and like to go places. She says that she knows I like to be included in things, but that I'll have to know myself and know when and when not to go places with them "because you're a procrastinator, and you know you are." I will admit this semester I felt completely unmotivated, especially toward the end which is unusual for me, but I really don't think I'm that much of a procrastinator. This is not the first time she has said this about room mates, and I doubt it will be the last, but the more she says stuff like that the more I just want to blow up in her face. I know she means well, and it is sound advice, but I just feel like every time she says stuff like that, it indicates a lack of trust in my judgment. She also says it in sort of a negative tone which affects me somewhat. For those who care, I am double water. Sun sign and ascendant are pisces and cancer respectively. She has also mentioned learning from the incomplete several times which makes me want to blow up even more...learn from this and be more careful...yes mother, will do mother, how many more times are you going to say that mother...grhrhrhrhrowl!!! I'm beginning to think that my mother has a rather good way of viewing the world by saying we can learn from each life experience, I just wish she would be a little less pesimistic. I mean it's good to some degree, but those who know me know that I'm an optamist extreme and sometimes too much pesimism can get on my nerves!!!

On another subject entirely, I feel absolutely accomplished. In the past two days or so, I have added about ten pages to my story...yea, yea andyayayayayayayayaynessnessness!!!!!OK...I managed, on my own to figure out a Character description for my Italian, Gitano, but now...
I know there are things that go on around buckingham Fountain in Chicago and I know there are water shows, like the dancing waters and stuff that go on there as well, but being totally blind, I can't see the pictures on the brochures they place online. Is there anyway someone can give me a description of that? Please describe it as if, A, this is your first time seeing it, and B as if you are describing it to someone who has never seen it before. I don't care how long it is, I have no restrictions on length...not yet anyway.
I am beginning to think that coming home is somewhat a mixed blessing...even my writing space is invaded by mother. I was trying to write a meditation seen and she came in twice during the process and spoke...concetration broken twice...does she not realize how important concentration is to the writing process, especially when you feel what your writing comes from another place beyond yourself? Does she not realize that once broken, that concentration is extremely hard to reestablish? Arhrhrhrhrhrg!! She did apologize and said that she has to do her thing as well, which is get the house extremely spotless for company and nitpick over everything, but's not fair. I would like to get this done before I start school...looks like the week before I go back to school will be the most productive for me as she goes back to work on the third of Jan and I will be able to close the door for some of my sessions. I just wish I could just sit and write, write, write without interuption...just once? Plese?
Anyway other than writing and being on the phone with Doreen and talking to others on MSN today has been rather uneventful. I thought family was coming in yesterday, but it's today that they arrive. Wish me luck. LOL It will be nice to see all of them again...smiles. I hope all of you have a happy holiday season...and I will probably be ending it this way for a while, so...there we are. I'll write more later I suppose.

The Phoenix
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