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I, am, well, and, truly, done, done, done!!!!!!*squeieieieieieiiiiii!!!!!!*

I think I did pretty good on my math final and it didn't take me nearly as long as my midterm. Maybe because justin was giving it to me and he seems to throw off a lot mor positive vibes than Cori, or maybe it's because I feel more intimidated around her because she's someone I've had rather tense relations with lately. However, I'm done and htat's all that matters. Now I have to pack, call the purch to see if my order will be ready for when dad comes to pick me up....and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!!

Things I'd like to do for pleasure when I get hom are:
*try my hand at a few ficlets
*finish the novel I've been working on for the last eight years
*help my mom decorate the house which includes my room
*help mom back Christmas goodies for the family
*revise the poems I did for class and maybe some of my earlier works

As you can see, I have quite the planned list for break...however, I will not be studying unless of course I have books that come in before school starts and some of them seem interesting. that I am done, I would liketo thank those who have sent me all the energies. I will most likely be welcoming new people to friends once again.

BTW for those into lotr fan fic I think you may like one of the entries in my memmories. It's absolutely wonderfully fluffy....and joyous. Smiles.

Good day to you all and *xqueeeeeeeeeeeeeee* woooot!!!!!!

The Phoenix
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