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I can't remember whether I did this or not...but for those who know me, this is a regular occurrence. The three I know I haven't had a chance to wellcome ar the following:

aerdran, rowdyamerican, and sassiegirl
welcome aboard...and if I haven't already...also science_vixen. lol....if I have...well then welcome again.
Also yesterday my friend Enya's cousin added me to his MSN list....*squiiiiiiiiis!!!!!* Mind, Enya is from Virginia and the only thing she has in common with the singer is her name. She does also have a love for music, but very rarely does she perform. She says she is too shy to do so.

The Irish Rovers return for Christmas to the Barbara B mann Performing Arts Hall, and little mis phoenix will be there to see them perform again. We were going to see riverdance, but the last performance was yesterday and the tickets were a bit beyond my meager budget. So....end of semester celebration will be spent with the Irish
Seriously I'll be home by then and it'll be nice to go somewhere and see a band that you know is going to put on a good show. I hope all are well and wish me luck on my final today.

The Phoenix
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