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two weeks?

Hello all,

I'm beginning to wonder about an online friend of mine. He's one I've mentioned before and even though he and I have not met physically his wisdom has touched me in a very profound way and those who are reading this who are interested in NA culture you will understand....

Barn Owl has not been online for two weeks now and I am beginning to wonder where he's gone to. I had a dream on the night of the thirtieth that I will not go into for reasons of confidentiality...he trusted me with information that I feel is rather personal...on Tuesday he was in his room on pal and I knew then that what I was shown in the dream was real. He was not in a good mood and his usually melodious mellow voice was not so. Since the Tuesday...the first of this month he has not been online. I've been thinking about him a lot lately and I know he knows I do so...because that's just the way he is. He's an elder BTW which makes it all the more precious that he would trust me with such details. I'd kind of like to see him before I leave university. I didn't get to give him the message I wanted to on the first because most of the time I was in the room I was on the phone. I feel bad for not being able to tell him as the message would have given him some much needed strength I think. I just hope he's doing OK. I seriously genuinely love him as a person and as a spirit and I would hate to have anything on toward happen to him. He's a relatively young elder, but an elder nonetheless. He, in his own quiet way, teaches much, but says little. As I have mentioned before, whenever he speaks you know he has something important to say. He does have a sense of humor and isn't serious all the time, however even in his funniness he teaches lessons. I try to learn as much from him as I can when we are in the same place, for the times when we are together are few and have not been many. I think I have only seen him like three or four times, but I still love him very much.
I just hope...and pray that he is All right.

The phoenix
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