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I feel like crap

Hello all...

I feel like crap and I just don't feel like doing anything at all except for lie in bed which I've done for most of the day. I seriously think I'm PMSing because I've eaten and my stomach still hurts and it's not the getting sick kind of hurt. Also my lower back has been giving me problems for the last week or so and I'm not liking it. Every time I lay down it hurts and when I try to get up it hurts....U get the picture...Sierra...mail me some of the vikyden. LOL I just got off the phone with
rnb_capricorn which was a lot of fun. I was in bed just kind of half out of it when she called me back but I really didn't care since I didn't want to fall asleep anyway.
Hmm...should try to e-mail said person we were discussing science_vixen...but I haven't gotten up the motivation Seriously I'm usually not this's just I'm so burnt out on this semester that it's starting to show....don't worry the usually high flying phoenix will always. ^_^ You know she can't be kept down for long :D ... Just give me about three days without school...and I'll be warbling with joy.

The Phoenix
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