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I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be good at math. My tutor and I went over the same stuff we did last week and I couldn't remember any of it. It's almost like I have this mental block for algebra and it sucks because when I have this block it's like nothing makes sense. When I have this block, it makes the test longer because I can't make the steps fit together and I can't remember certain steps at all. I know this exam's going to be long, because my midterm was. Midterm consisted of thirty-five questions and I was in there for at least three or so hours...if not longer. I'm seriously not looking forward to this exam...and no matter how much I try to say...I love math, I really do...there's just something about the subject that I can't fathom...and it's beginning to bother me!!! Everybody please send me good thoughts, positive vibes and prayers, and those who believe in masters...and I'll do this too...pleas ask a math master to be with me on the day of the at least I can have some clue as how to proceed?

Thank you all so advance.

The Phoenix/firebird of Valdemar
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