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OMG.....fuck fuck fuck!!!

OK insomnia I give you and others permission to link to this post and I will definitely be placing this one in memmories.
Update. this is from autumnreign
is the scariest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm surprised no one has found this yet...I'm telling you what when I find the girl who's journal this was in I'll be posting the info link...I accidently closed out the site...damn it!!! look above for said link. I seriously hope she doesn't mind me posting it here, but I felt it needed posting since the Bush admin is what we're facing for the next fucking four. She is right in saying that freedoms are becoming a fairy tail.
is the actual post. It's the first one on the page. ...I'm usually, like her, not a political person, but My God what is our country doing to us? This is not good yalls...not good at all. I haven't taken a look at the whole sight yet, but believe me I will. Scary shit, no?

The Phoenix
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