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I'm done!!!

I have finally turned all my portfolios in and an now officially done for the weekend.
I met Andy on campus and we went to turn in my PR portfolio. The PR teacher wasn't in her office, so we went to AB3 to see if she was there, but she wasn't there either, so we went back to reed Hall and Andy found a secretary to turn the disk into.
Squeeeee, squiiiiiii....wooooooot!!!!
I have now finished all required things on my list and am extremely jubilant...the weekend is officially here even though it's nearly five o'clock Thursday night.
I felt bad for making Andy run everywhere with me and he assured me that it wasn't any trouble and that he didn't have anything else to do, but still...I don't know what it is with me and apologizing to people for taking me places when I randomly meet them, I guess it's something that my mom has taught me about imposing and it's rubbed off...but somehow I think it's one of those unnecessary things....or not? I like it when people help me, but if they've gone out of their way, then sometimes I feel bad, and it's not just with Andy either. Mom has always taught me not to impose and to thank someone when they do something and not to invite myself at first and to let them invite me. I agree with this to some extent, but if you don't invite yourself sometimes,
how are you ever going to find new friends? I didn't invite myself anywhere with my old room mates and I think, to some extent, that contributed to the
problems I had because they saw me as sort of withdrawn and somewhat antisocial. She also tells me to help the person out as well. She's always talking about imposition even when the person offers me the service, she seems overcautious to me sometimes and some of the things she has me do are annoying to me because they strike me as unnecessary. Like for example She would want me to apologize for inconveniencing a person, even though that person offered to pick me up...or she'll have me do some thing even though the person said I didn't have to...I can understand some things being common courtesy, but some things just get a little overdone. Thanking the proffered ride, helping to pay for gas, returning a favor in your own way. When, however, you are being an overdoer, wouldn't that turn some people off? Anyway...again.....squiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
*sings joyfully while dancing out the door*
The Phoenix
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