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productive morning...


This has been a rather productive morning. I have managed to revise the rest of my poems, pick the eight I wanted for my portfolio and do the last minute things to my paper.
Now it's on to my resume which I may do when I come back from poetry class as I need to find out where M Walch's office is aanyway for which I need internet or cyllubus, both of which I possess here at the dorm. I will have to leave soon as I wish to print all of this the library because this is a pretty big project...lets see...about twenty-three pages in I just hope my five quarters will cover all that...I will definitely be SOL if M wants hard copies because I will be out of money. I just hope I hear from her soon. I didn't get to e-mail her until late last night, so we'll see what happens. She didn't return the folder with all the stuff in it to me, so I'm wondering if I shouldn't just hand her a second disk and not worry about hard copies since not much has changed in the pieces from then to now.

The Phoenix
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