The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

still up.

OK yalls,

I'm like really energyzed beyond all imaginings!!! I still don't even feel like going to bed and I know it has to be like late. Anyway, I'm kinda like just sitting here writing because I can and it's sometiing to pass the time. I have no more poems in me tonight. I so wish I could finish the saga I started a long time ago. LOL I've not posted any of thet here yet. It's still kind of...well...personal I guess. I'll probably post some of it later, though. It was written when I was able to sit down and write wehn ever I felt like it. Now it's whe weekend. And I think that the poem I posted is gunna be part of a sequence. I just have this feeling about it. How long it'll take to write will depend on when it comes and how often I can sit and write them down. once I have my laptop...tommorrow, yea!!! I may be able to write more often anad get more down on paper or in computer, so to speak LOL
OK I guess I'd better stop rambling before it starts getting boting *smiles*

The Phoenix who's wid awake and ready tof fly!!!!
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