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Why do I feel like shit?

OK not exactly like shit but close enough. I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose, and in my case, as many of you know, that is not a good sign.
Yesterday was pretty good. Mom came down to have me sign some stuff and we went christmas shopping for room mates.
Then when se left and I came home, room mates and I went shopping for food and I went Christmas shopping for mon and a few friends. So then...of course I had to buy some Mountain Dew...wouldn't do to be without caffine during finals week. LOL
I also got some milk and nestles choccolate now I can make som magic moo juice. LOL...that's what my dad and I call it. Sort of a silly name, but I like it.
After coming back from edison and wal-mart, I proceeded to vedge yet again, especially since I had spent the morning revising poems. I am going to have t o go back to the library again I think, or maybe to Cori's since, stupid me never did get someone out here to hook up printer to laptop. My fault, but since I had profs who enjoyed e-mails for most things, I really didn't think about the printer much. Now, however....I wish I would have. I wouldn't have to go out of my way so much to do things like print sixteen or eighteen pages of stuff. I have a feeling Cori would do it for me, but I'm not sure I want to impose on her for that kind of thing, but I guess that's what she's there for, so I don't know why I have such a challenge with asking.
Other than that there isn't much going on except for I got up a bit earlier than I wanted, but oh well.

The Phoenix
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