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Hello readers,
Night owl tonight...and no matter what...I *will* get up at a decent hour tomorrow.
Today was pretty cool. I went up to campus for lunch and ate at the Eagle cafe today instead of the Perch...thank the stars. I love the Eagle it's so much smaller and so much quieter.
So then I went up to see whether I could get some resume stuff e-mailed to me and on my way out I heard someone playing a violin so I, being my curious musically fascinated self, went over to check it out.
I wanted to come in singing Silent Night which was what he was playing, but he finished before I got there.
So I found it of course and he played and Irish reel and I started everyone clapping. Then they requested Christmas songs to sing with and he played Jingle Bells...and I just started singing. What Child is This...then Twelve Days of Christmas solo...and Silent Night again with him....I loved it, of course. I was high for most of the rest of the day....LOL After he was done he let me touch the violin. His name is Chad and he told me that the violin he was playing was the one that his grandma played as well. I thought for sure he would get upset because I was stealing his thunder, but he didn't so that was cool. He was really nice, too which was a plus. He's been playing for ten years..and is absolutely brilliant. He asked me if I could play instruments...used to be able to play the the only thing I can play is my voice. LOL He's a biology student here and he was really nice. He treated me like any other person and the blindness really didn't come up in our conversation at all. He showed me the mute, and the bridge and showed me how it worked. The only time the blindness came up was with other people who said they were interested in learning Braille. He did ask if I read Braille and how I learned it, but that was about it for the blindness related issues. I loved it....seriously wooooooot!!!!
After that I had math tutoring of course and then came home. I've been in and out of rooms on pal and in and out of my physical room most of the night. My room mates are having a Lethal Weapon Marathon, so sometimes I'll go out and hang with them when it gets a little more noisy and I know I can get in on the fun. I've had one Smearnoff which was green apple, a glass of coke, water and I'm working on my second Dr. Pepper. I don't have any mountain Dew left, so that's out at the moment.
Anyway...I suppose that's all for now.

The very happy phoenix
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