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prosperity Blessing
May you be blessed with an amazingly abundant day today!
May the clouds break and the heavens pour down upon you more joy, more love, more laughter and more money than you could have ever dreamed of.
May the sun shine its golden light of prosperity through every cell of your extraordinary body.
May you be cleansed today of any resistance or feelings of unworthiness that you may still be holding onto.
May your false illusions of doubt, fear and scarcity gently fall away like soft white feathers on a gentle breeze.
May you be willing, simply willing, to allow the Universe to shower you with miracles today.
May the Angels wrap you in their shining wings of opulence.
May the fairies deliver you to their pot of gold at the end of a majestic rainbow.
May your eyes shine with the glorious truth of who you really are and may that truth uplift others in your presence to their own inner knowing.
May your ears hear the sound of perfection ringing in your soul.
May you taste the deliciousness of every precious bite of life as your day unfolds moment by moment with amazing grace, heartfelt love and a bounty of magnificent money.
As this day ends, may you slumber wrapped in an exquisite blanket of enduring peace and profound gratitude.
And may the last words you speak today be Thank You!
I thought the preceeding was lovely. One of my friends who is part native american sent it to me and I loved it at once...going to have to memmorize this one!!!
I felt stupid today, too. I didn't realize my Spanish class had gotten out early, so I headed to my poetry class only to find out that I was nearly an hour too early. My face went red as a beat...I ended up going to eat and then went back at the regular time for the poetry class.
I then had a math quiz that I know I did horrible on because I just spit out answers that were half right and were missing steps. i was just in one of those moods where I just wanted to get it done and over with and I didn't really think about what came out of my mouth. Thankfully it's the last quiz of the semester.
I'm back at the dorm again now and have my last PR writing class today. Wish me luck because I have to do a portfolio presentation today in that class.
I also need to start poem revisions and the critical paper for my poetry class. Thank God/ess that this semester is nearly at an end!!!

The phoenix
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