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the quishai pronounced key shai

OK readers,

Here's another one. I had this idea all yesterday and just had the chance to writ it today. There might be morecoming, so be on the look out. This just seems way too open endede for it to be the end. LOL

The Quishai

Oh Quishai, you spirit of the sea
Who is always ever wild and free
You come from the depths to reach the sky
You respect those who are low and high
Though you will always be wild and free
You have chosen to remain by me
You are always by my side
Partners are we on land or sea
In my life you will abide
Always a companion be
You have come from the depths of the sea
To show me the way to ever be
You show me how to love beyond my
Wildest dreams and all that am i
Though this takes time you will teach to me
Love as the deep flowing endless sea
From you I can never hide
For you and I together'll be
As eb and flow of the tide
And as sage with student be
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