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I am over half way done with the incomplet exam....some parts of two questions to do...and one mor whole one. I had to write essays on three questions that deal with communication theories. I won't post them here....I think that would be considered cheating. LOL, but let's just say, that so far I've done it with very little notes and no back referring...or no referring at al lto tapes. THat, however, will change tomorrow. I wanted to do some of it vfrom memmory and then go back and do some notetaking....maybe that's just as bad as posting here, but since he said we were allowed note cards....well, I kind of see a difference in looking for answers and being given them.
Anyway, I called district administrator again today and asked about IPE stuff and if independence training needed to be put on there. She said it did, so I told her that CIndy violated one of my rights as a client in discussing stuff with her boss, who by the way was out of the office on family leave...I seriously think that was totally disrespectful, not only of me, but of her boss. It would have been different if she were in the office...but the entire purpose of family leave is to get away from work. Unless Cindy classified me as an emergency case, which wouldn't surprise me...maybe I'm going overboard here, but I have decided, since she has violaged one of my rights and didn't really discuss the decision of sending me to Daytona until she had made up her own mind, that I would like a new counsellor. I don't like the way she handled herself, and she has been holding funding cancellation over my head the entire semester. First was, as I said, completely lagit, but this...heroshima sized shell wasn't.
DA says that they'll be short staffed come end of month and won't get a new counsellor in until mid December...fine by me, I'll work with her to update my IPE, but then...well then, we'll just have to see. I do feel I have made mistkes, I'm not deminishing my own wrongness here, I just feel like I've been left in the dark in this wholed situation and I don't like it very much. I'm beginning to feel as if I am not in control of my rehab program, and that someone else is driving....again, I don't like it.
Other than that little issue...I can't wait for Thanksgiving, and the kitten likes to run around the hous and attack my foot while I'm writing on the computer. Usually she'll sit and watch me type, but there's no chair next to me for here to occupy, so she doesn't have that option at the moment.
I hope everyone is having a good day and again, has a good thanksgiving.

The Phoenix
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