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Hello readers/listeners,

I did as mom asked and called the CAP (Client Assistance Program) and I had to leave a message. So now the waiting begins...yet again...hurry up and wait.
I'm doing laundry, going through tapes, checking e-mails and chatting on line...correction
Laundry check
Going trough tapes check
CHek e-mails check
Chatting on line In Progress
LOL I still have to do my theories final and make sure I can finish a certain book before the years out. I have decided that I am going to pose my longer works on fiction press and leave the writer's community for the smaller works such as papers and poems and things.
It is just way too much work to cut and paste smaller portions of a story, especially one that is near to being a hundred pages in length. It doesn't have chapters persay, but it is told from a number of differnet perspectives. So now it's time to start doing some other things...I am not doing my gentle load until Mom comes home, because I can't remember where the gentle cetting is on the washer, and I know you have to set certain water levels and stuff.
I hope all of you have a good day...and I will write later I suppose.

The Phoenix
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