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Home all...

Hello out there,

I'm home again...and what a day it was yesterday...LOL

I pulled one of those all nighters I do once in a blue moon...choosing to spend most of it on Paltalk in a room with a delightful elderly...elderly being who is the wisest and most tranquil I ever have had the pleasure of was the Barn Owl whose voice I described so elloquently in a previous entry. So...I was up at about twenty to three when the fire alarms went off and we had to go outside for about twenty minutes or so. While I was out there...I didn't like standing on the cment and chose to stand in the grass...I donn't know why, but for some reasin the cment just seems so cold and....not all here for me...ghe grass is so much...warmer...and vibrant feeling, I guess. While the fire trucks were there, there was a man who had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. I have no idea why though, my room mate that was there said that he looked like he was passed out.
Then...I went back in to the room to find every one still there and stayed there for another hour or so, and then promptly got in to bed...and slept ill noon.
I then called Sharry Stranahan, the district administrator for DBS and told her that I wish to stay in school or the next semester if nothing comes up for daytona come semester start in January.
I then called Cindy and told her about the decision and she wanted me to take classes at the VIP center until something opened up in Daytona and I said no because I wanted something consistant...whether it be dorm life...or not being moved all over Hell's half acre. I do not want to take classes at the VIP then have to be moved to Daytona...then back to FGCU...tooo damn much!!!
So Sherry wanted a statement saying that I could stay in housing next year because she had gotten an e-mail from Cori saying that it would be OK if I went to FGCU if I commuted...which was contradictory to what the housing director had told me Thursday I called the housing director wanting to give her Sherry's fax number and direct number and she said that she probably couldn't get a hold of Sherry until next week. When I told the Housing director what Sharry had said, the housing director said she had to contact adaptive services to see whether that was a mandate, a suggestion, or a recommendation. I called Sherry back and told her what the housing director had said and gave her the direct number for the housing director as well as nearly losing it on her while telling her that I was getting tired of the run around. Sherry said she would call the housing director as soon as we got off the phone. So then, on my mom's request, I called Cori again to see whether she got a call from the housing director...and we went through just about everything I won't go into it here...and I really didn't get anywhere except for her saying that if they do let me back into housing it should be for me to thank my lucky stars because her recommendation is that I don't live in housing...she also told Cindy that when I went into her office on Thursday, that I had an odor...Cindy told me...Cori never did...Mom had been ther on Wednesday night...and I did not have an odor....nit picking...and to not even tell me....this is just getting rediculous, people...and I am getting extremely tired of being left out of the loop.
Anyway, I got home and took everything into the house and...went straight to bed.

Today was pretty uneventful except for yard sales and Mom reading me the info on Daytona. She also says that I should contact the Client Assist Program just to find out what kind of recourse I have....I will I suppose, but as I've said before I am just tired of allthis and the longer it drags on, the more tired of it I tet...tention headaches have become a regular occurrence again...and he tention comes and goes in between my sholder blades. I hope to have this resolved buy the time I go back for the end of the semester, but...we'll see how that turns out.
I hope I can keep myself on top of everything...I'll post a list of things I'll be doing for the week later. It's a lot, but I think I can do it and not get too stressed out. I hope every one has a happy Thanksgiving if I don't post before then.

The Phoenix
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