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to all my writer friends

Hello all writers...this includes those who are just passing through as well...I know of at least four or five writers on this list...and they know who they are...and yes Chicago native...I'm calling on you too...especially since you live an hour and a half from where I grew up...and this is where most of the novel will be set...
Someone please describe Italians for me? I need a nice looking young man...and I am stumped as how to describe him. I know I want curly hair...but that's about it.

In other news, I had a pretty good day today. My morning was pretty lazy considering I literally skippe Spanish class *may I remind readers that I dropped said class* and did no homework. I had planned to, but I just never got around to it. Then I had my poetry class with professor Milner and my second math quiz of the week.
Came home again and did a fair amount of editing on my Public Relations portfolio, took the disk to the library to have things printed out. Met a nice lady, Vanessa there and was rather interested in some of the cultural things she told me.
Of course, I had to thank her in of the only words I know in that language, and she got all excited. I was glad to make her that's nice to make someone feel good.
I got out of PR class early. I met a girl named Kaylee and she took me to the Eagle cafe, which wasn't open. I met Andy there and we stood around and talked for a bit. Another one of my friends came up and said hi and we talked, too, but for a shorter amount of time. Andy and I walked to baldies before going back home where I found out that I had to meet the RD and a couple of other higher ups for a meeting about the contract extention I had submitted.
I tried to tell them how I felt, and that due to the person to person accounts that were being passed DBS had tried to pull my funding, and the director was like...well they're not responsible for that,, they changed my future. Because of what they were saying, DBS nearly pulled my funding...director...they're not responsible for that and if DBS is thinking about pulling their funding for you on hearsay that's a poor way to handle things....arhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrg!!!! That was something my mom wanted me to say, but I did it because I felt the director needed to know. Every time I tried to bring up a point I felt was unfair, she said we weren't there to rehash that particular conversation and that RD had taken care of that. So....there's no problem with me coming back in the spring and the housing director expects me to find out some things on how to know when I'm leaving a mess and on how to be a good room now how to find out how you nicked yourself when using a razor when sometimes you can't feel it?...hmmm...any suggestions? Any at all???.... In any case, I'm about fed up with this whole situation because I'm not getting anywhere with anyone.
I know I shouldn't have to appologize, but I'm going to anyway...this is just me, and I know a couple of you may be getting tired of all this and I'm sorry for that. I also don't mean to offend anyone, least of all those who may think this is directed at's not. This is just my reaction to the events and the situation that happened...not to the people involved in said situation. I sincerely appreciate the things that have been brought to my attention, however, I do feel as if this whole situation was handled poorly on everyone's part including mine. I'm sorry if it seems as if I'm dwelling on this whole thing a lot, but It's something that I feel is making an impact on me, and I wish to get the feelings out so that I can move past them and release them.

wooot for Thanksgiving week!!! To change the subject completely here...and...go to something completely unrelated, I get the entire week of Thanksgiving off. Spring break in the fall....squeeeeeeee!!! Of course I do have homework, but still...writer's block will come to an end and I will be writing till I am sore...I can feel it in the bones...I just hope it's on the main system as this one will make me tired after a while and the main system keyboard seems to be better for stream of consciousness writing or freewriting. I do have the incomplete exam to do over the break which was my choice so I could focus on it as well...wish me luck all and keep me in your prayers as this test will determine my grade in my last semester theories class.
I also went to Baldies again with my room mates not too long ago...actually it was Jackie, Jeff and Brandin. We went in her truck and hung out over food and pop. It was pretty cool, though some of the music wasn't much to my liking. Sometimes I wish I would have showed myself to be a little more...sociable in the first weeks here...but I was just kind of caught up in moving in and Mom coming down and just trying to stay ahead in the classes that I lost track of socialization stuff I guess. So now I'm nearly thee only one here and I go home tomorrow for the entire week...and won't be back until next Sunday. I should be able to post from get ready for Thanksgiving fun. Take care all and keep safe.

The Phoenix
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