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last night

Hello all,

Last night was great. Haily, Jackie and Megan are my new room mates, and we seem to be getting along pretty good so far.
Last night they had dinner, and I ate with them and their friends. We joked around by spouting movie lines at each other...though they did most of the spouting. We had chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, cookies and brownies. We watched the best of Will Ferrell...
We also had kind of a scary moment when an RA came in and told us to be quiet and pour out the drinks because not all of us were over age. She said if they came back at one and we were still being loud, they were callingthe police.
Other than that, thoughthe night was really good. I went to bed early, as usual, and got up and sent off some e-mails to my DBS counsellor.
Mom also called me last night and I found out that Cindy can't deny me funding unless I am failing classes. Mom told me to call the district administrator which I did and explain to her what was going, which I did. The district administrator is going to talk with Cindy and refresh her on the fact that this is my rehab and that she can't deny reasonable requests. She has left the decision of whether or not to go to Daytona up to me. I would seriously like to go, however, I will not be going if I don't know whether or not I can get in in January or not. If I can't then I will be staying in school next semester and taking lower level classes. If I can get in in January...well you'll be hearing about comparisons and lessons being learnd. I'll probably be cataloging new skills learned here, that way I can come back and say...yea!!! LOL
Now however, I have to figure out what to do with an extention request, since that has already been placed. I hope I can get it reversed. We'll see, though. Hope everyone is having a good day, I know, so far, I am.

The Phoenix
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