The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Two days without writing.

Hello all,

It's been two days and there's a lot to report here.

I found out that I will not be alone for the next three weeks which makes me feel a lot better. Mom is writing letters to a lot of people feeling that I have beentreated unfairly. I did sit down with my old room mates who moved out and we talked about several things which I will not mention here. Publicity and all...I also have a few decisions I am relating here.
First off...I will not be coming back to FGCU next semester. I have decided that Daytona wouldn't hurt, but I will be going under my own agenda. If Cindy intends to gear me for getting a job while I'm there she is going to get a rather unpleasant surprise.
Decision number two. I will not be going to FSU nad persuring a degree in music. I think that I will be too much of a hastle to transfer and going through the anxiety on whether all credits transferring was nerve racking enough the first tim around, thank you. I will, however, be keeping it up as a hobby if at all possible. I feel realy bad for Sheila because I haven't contacted her in forever and I know she enjoyed working with me. I've just been so caught ut up in everything else, that I haven't had time.
So now that that is out of the way, I suppose I will go for now.

The Phoenix
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