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Good news on he home front!!!

Hey there all you phoenix fans!!!!

Good news on the home front.!!

First of all I get my laptop on Friday!!! About bloody time, I say!!! I have no, more, bleeding papers!!! Spring breaks in a friend Aerikah is out of the hospital as of today!!!! Thank thd Stars, God, the Goddes s and all above!!! And, here, I an being completely serious.
I am like in a completely opposite mood from last weekend. You know that when Wednesday's good...the weekend's bound to be a damn good one!! I just hope I'm right. I'm like sooo damn hyper!!! OK yo7u guys. I'll probably post something later but right now I'm on the phone, so I'll just like write either later tonight or tomorrow when the weekendstarts. It starts extra early because Ionly have two classes tomorow. Yea!!!!!

The Florida Phoenix *sitting the Rowans singing gaily*
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