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Dinner at my house

The cousins were over tonight, and what a time of it that was.
Anna SDaniell and I played Ganga which is a game where you stak blocks in a bridge fashion and pull one block out at a time. The object is to see how high you can get it before it falls, the one who makes it fall is the one who loses. Again we were in the pool, except for this time it was our pool. Anna and I were playing with a beach ball. We would sit on it and make it shoot out from underneath us. I also pulled her around on a floating mesh raft, she would keep getting off and I would tell her when she wasn't on anymore. After a while, though I got out and we had dinner. Encheladas, quesadillas, chips and salsa.
After that I had a guinness and the other adults played hand and foot. Danielle had fallen asleep in the back bedroom, I was watching the game which wasn't going so well, and Anna was using the excecise machines, coloring and finding other ways to amuse herself. She was very good, very quiet and never complained that she was tired or wanted to go home. They, Uncle tome, Ant Angie and the girls left at about nine thirty...and I am completely beat. It's a good thing I did my homework earlier today. I tell you what, tomorrow's going to be a no clas day. I'm going to finish my redwall story and just listen to music. I'm glad tonight was better than this morning.

The Phoenix
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