The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

Hello all...

Short and sweet for the time being. Cindy's being nosey aboutt certain personal issues and I don't like it. I was right in that she called my mother. I'll explain more later, however right now I am in too good of a mood to say much, though it may not seem like it from the way I'm writing.
I did find out, however from two of my room mates that the move is not because of me. One I knew was temporary, and the other I like and will probably keep in touch with after we leave here. That made me feel better as I nearly lost it in front of them. I know a few tears leaked out even though I didn't want them too. We went over to Andy's apartment because Jill wanted to give Sam some coookies that she promised him she would nake him, and I saw andy who I was supposed to meet at the pub today, but i didn't feel like going since at that time I was expecting a call from mom on said issues mentioned above. So I didn't want noise interference. I appologized to him and we stayed and chatted with the guys there for a while. We came home and the two girls are watching Ebichu SP cartoons. I stayed in with them for a bit, then left...anime's cool, but when you can't see half the stuff and its in Japanese, it sometimes gets a little difficult to follow.
I hope everyone has a good night.

The Phoenix
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