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OK, so I thought I could sleep....not!!!

It doesn't help that I took a three hour nap when I cam home, but after

The day started for me at seven thirty when I got in the shower. I've been meaning to e-mail some stuff to my pr teacher, but I didn't get to do that since I left so early. WHen I was dressed..comfortably and in some cooler clothes since I was going to be outside all day, I left at about fifteen after nine, carrying my flute, native American so I could practice which didn't happen, a bag full of water and sodas, myID and some other things. I got to the perch and ate some breakfast. I then went to sit down on the bench for a bit. I'm one of those people who isn't afraid to ask for help, so I sat for about a half an hour and then started moving. Someone saw me and took me over to the cafeteria patio until I found someone else to take me over to where the event actually was. Alene was there, so was Graham Walker, Katie, and three girls that were helping Alene. Alene told me that they had just showed up today and were wanting to volunteer and that they were looking at her like she was from outer space because of her rushing around and giving them orders and stuff.
Kowia was there, of course, and Alene had brought China. This event was to talk about environment issues and promote Alene's nonprofit charity called Respecting all Wildlife. She feels that wild animals belong in the wild and that domesticated animals should be spayed and neutered and pets for life. The animal rights club was there, too, with samples of vegetarian food.
Also the Lee County Sheriff's office came out. Captain Tom Weaver and Linda...I can't remember her last name...with an inmate who was training a dog to be adopted by a family. All four of us met, and Cross, the dog, was very gentle, but he was big. They're saying that he might be a Dowmation Great Dane mix. He and China got along really well, which was a good thing. I stayed at the event from eleven till two, which was an hour later than what wee were expecting to be there. I then took my flute, the rest of my sodas and myself off to a meeting of the Spanish majors and minors in Academic building three. The meeting went well with one of my friends, Danielle presenting her symposium work. He did it on food as a way of asking and receiving favors, and also on food to reinforce and maintain social bonds. It was really good and very interesting.
Also a young man named Bill presented on interdisciplinary studies between anthropology and Spanish. Both their projects had to do with anthropology in some way.
After the meeting, I went straight to math class where I had to literally endure five or six sections out of the book. I ended up dozing during some of the class despite my best efforts not to do so. I was like...enough already my brain's already maxed out as it is!! I know he had to hear me making sighs of...OMG not this!. I swear he tries to stuff way too much stuff in to each lecture and he wonders why people don't do well on his Quizzes. Planas is way too fast for me sometimes, and his lack of being able to be understood doesn't help in the least tiny little bit!
After that, the guy, Mike, who talks to me during my class took me out to the buses. I felt bad because I couldn't remember his name. I did last week, but this week it completely slipped my mine. I guess it was because my brain was running so fast and was trying to process so much information while my body was moving at a rather good walk that it did that, but it didn't make me feel any better. When I got home I had trouble to keep from throwing things everywhere, but I didn't want to due to the fact I was carrying my flute, a bag full of water and such, so I just gently dumped it in front of my closet and headed straight for the bed. I'd meant to get up in an much for that, I ended up sleeping until about eight o'clock, and am still awake now. I thought about hitting the bed about an hour ago, but I couldn't seem to sleep. Andy showed up about then and I was like...I'm indisposed...while shoing one of my room mates my pajamas. So I told him I'd see him tomorrow in the pub, so I think he might be looking for me. I'm beginning to get over the initial...he better not come over every day sort of thing, and I'm really beginning to genuinely enjoy myself with him. Saturday, which I will back date, was a lot of fun and the first time I was ever off campus for an extended amount of time.
Now however, I'm beginning to wonder where it will lead. I'm still not ready for a relationship, and one of these days if he wants to take it there...I just hope iI don't have to say no again for a long time.

Wouldn't you? Naps are beautiful things...LOL I'm just glad everything went so well especially since I didn't get all the PR out that I wanted to.

The Phoenix
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