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What the fuck were we thinking?

OK...I'm beginning to think the black listing will begin...and I'm one of the first to say....I didn't vote for the bastard!
I'm agreeing a lot with those who are saying that Bush is creating a lot of cultural anger. I have heard about social security going away ever since I was little, but never have I been so scared that it would actually happen until now. Someone told me not to believe the things about social security disappearing for the same reason...but I can't help feeling that something like this will actually happen *sooner* than later. I just hope I can say that I have an actual job by then.
like my friend rnb_capricorn 0 of 2. It sucks that my first two elections I have to vote for the loser...and it's rather discouraging for the first time voters who voted for the loser as well. I felt Cary had it more together than Bush did, and made a stronger statement...despite what he looked like.
I don't like being hated, I'm thinking about emigrating...I love America, don't get me wrong, but the sensation of being hated is just a bit much. I've thought about Canada, because of two LJ friends I have there...England holds at least half a dozen or more online friends I could make the rounds of...Ireland holds my friend who has offered to take me on a tour and my Virginia sister, *she's not my real sister, though I consider her as one* Enya's Australia holds one friend for me, but she's one I could probably do without meeting, much as she has helped me out of some rather tough computer spots. I just don't like being despised, and despised we shall be if this keeps up. I will try to stay positive, it's my nature...not even this can keep the phoenix grounded, but it was a rather unexpected turn of winds. I can't believe we have to deal with this...hmm...ho to put it kindly...toxic texan... for the next four years.
Sure, since he's our leader, I'll have to support him, but like awallens said of those who voted democratic...we're not going anywhere and we're not going to disappear. I just hope my bad feeling I'm getting about the upcoming four years is way off. There's just this...wrongness that sits at the bottom of my gut now, and I don't know when it will go away. I'm beginning to wonder if the election was fixed...see prev entry for reasoning on that. Absentee ballots missing, e-mails about doctored voting machines, the fact that someone's election supervisor never paid and mailed out absentee ballots to those who requested new ones for those that were lost...thereby costing Florida countless votes...what next? I told you Florida was a fucked up state when it came to voting. I wasn't kidding, readers...I was hoping I wasn't all that serious, but, still I was very I'm near to being dead serious. I just am beginning to wonder if we'll be able to pull ourselves out of this one all in one piece....
I've done no homework at all today, choosing instead to sleep and talk on line for most of it. I'm just too jittery , jumpy and moody to sit down on my ass and concentrate on math or anything right now. Especially since they picked one of the driest readers on earth to do my math book. I did try to do some, but the poem I started just didn't sit well with me, so I got rid of it.
Sorry for the language folks, but letting this out...makes me feel better.

The Phoenix
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