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Hello all

OK so I'm awake, and I have a big favor fo all of you.
I still believe in the power of prayer...always have, brobably always will...though I am still praying to the god as much as the goddess...and I'm still trying to figure out what goes where in terms of paths I wish to follow...but here's the favor.
Last month my dad was injoured when he stepped backwards into his lawn mower severing his akeles SP tendon from his heel. He had surgery and is in a cast. He had recently transferred from working on a truck in one treatment plant to another position at a second plant. He had his phree month probation covered at his first position and his six month grace period in the city system. However, for his new position he had not made his three month probation perioud, so they terminated him. Pleas keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he finds another job when he is on his feet again because he is still in a cast.
Mom is already saying that we are back to square one or worse. This happened last Friday and she is already saving every penny she can by not buying things that aren't necessary down to not bying two one dollar cat toys. She is worried about not being able to afford the house again and talking about if she has to pay for dad's insurance we won't be able to because half her pay check will be gone again. She is also talking about going back to work at wal-mart and working weekends again which means not seeing me as much and not seeing dad as much either...and it means her being burnt out and tired all the time from working two jobs....and her explaining it all to me because I'm the only one she can talk to.
I love her, but sometimes her negativity is too much. She dwelt on this most of Friday and Saturday and was saying that she was hoping my big Christmas present would be us going out to buy me a new stereo system...talking like it wasn't going to happen now because we wouldn't be able to afford it. Someone told me that I was the positive balance to her negative one...but I get so frustrated with her sometimes that I want to tell her to shut up...and think positive for once....and I have to spend next summer with this? She gets so caught in worst cases so easily and here I am thinking, It'll all work out,you'll'll all be OK, just wait. I'm so optimistic at times sometimes to others it's almost a fault...I just wish she would learn to let things go....and this whole situation on top of my university load's about to make me insane... Someone please pray that I find...some where else to go this least for a month!!!!

I'm telling you...if it is like this this summer, I will take classes, despite what I may have told people that I want my summers off. Dad will sit in front of the computer most days and plays around worse than me...he plays a game most days and Mom is tired of that and is going to push him to get a job...but I'm not sure that's the wise thing to do...I'm just glad I will be down here for that. Thank you guys in advance for all your prayers...and feel free to give me som advice if you think of things that may help.

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