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Somewhat late...

Here it is insomnia hopefully you're awake? I want a comment....LOL

Biased, maybe but still quite disturbing.

No joking around.

Here's an important heads up:

Yesterday a friend voted early at a polling location in Austin.

She voted straight Democratic.

When she did the final check, lo & behold every vote was for the Democratic candidates
except that it showed she had voted for Bush/Cheney for president/vp.

She immediately got a poll official.

On her vote, it was corrected.

She called the Travis County Democratic Headquarters.

They took all her information & told her that she wasn't the first to report a similar incident & that they are looking into it.

So check before you leave the polling booth, & if anything is wrong, get it corrected immediately.

Report any irregularities to your local Democratic headquarters.

Make sure you pass this along to your friends hopefully this is all over the airwaves by tomorrow.

So...I wonder how many didn't check? People say this goes on all over the place, but it still makes me ashamed of America that they would even think of rigging voting machines...I love America, but I don't like being hated for stupid shitty decisions our corrupt politicians make. And...if bush wins...which I think he will from what ohers have been saying...and this interesting feeling we've been getting around here...we will probably be driven into the ground by those who despise us...and the end of America as we know it...I don't know how close I'm coming to becoming...borderline, but I'm writing because I feel I have to...Cary for President!!!'s something else...oddly enough from the friend I don't speak to much anymore...thoug I do still love him as a friend and...oddly enough and older brother...though nothing will even touch younger brother in his place...younger bro from UK...and older brother from same country.

Justin, I have to agree with you there and I couldn�t have stated it better myself. It is one of the only times when we have a say that is not looked upon
as stupid, crazy, or ignored by the general public. We finally have a single vote that is equal to everyone else and I am proud to vote because you are
not alienated because of blindness. If every blind person voted, it is usually the only time that our voices are heard clearly without any bias.

Where I work, I am expected to do my job like everyone else with no exceptions and I have had to provide the adaptive equipment because I do not have a
VR case and the work place was not going to pay for it. They gave me a job and I had to make it work. It is hard enough to get a job in the first place
and if they are not willing to help, you do what you have to do. I am slowly paying off my credit card and my parents who helped me get the equipment
and I fought to get it installed on my computer. We do what we have to do and just deal with it.

There are still 5 major tools that I don�t have access to that are needed for my job and I have worked my way around most of them. I work at a call center
where I provide Verizon dsl tech support and it is hell. There is no consideration in the office for a person who is blind and it is a battle everyday.
However, that is at every job, so you work around it and you don�t complain. I know that if I loose this job, it will be tough for me to get another
one so I do what has to be done and I work 5 times harder for the same amount of pay. You learn as you go and you figure it out while on the clock. I
don�t have all the answers but I find the people who do and understand the problems and get the help without pissing my bosses off. You have to take control
of the situation while giving the appearance that the workplace has control and it is as simple as that.

It is not shoving the ADA down the work place, it is letting the little injustices go by as you work on the big picture, job security and equality. Do
to our own ignorance for not uniting years ago and letting sighted people change our Braille, the laws, and fight our battles for us, we will always be
7% unemployment and it will only grow. Until we unite and individually decide that we will do what it takes to create our own equality, we will always
fail. It would be easy to sit at home and collect SSI, but we give up our voice and rights if doesn�t go beyond that. If you know that you can do a job,
do your research and prove it to your employer. Take the extra step and go the extra mile. It took me 2 and � years to get a good paying job and I now
have the right again to voice my unity. By working we show society that blind people are more than just what the images they believe. By working, people
are shown that the only difference is that we have to work in a world setup for the sighted. Intelligent people understand that equality is achieved with
that person, and the ignorant is just worth my time to educate them and show equality with another person who understands.

So, voting is very important anytime and anywhere because you have an equal say, even if the outcome of system in flowed. It is equally flowed for everyone
and I am proud to be screwed over equally! We fight for equality and when it is freely given to you and if you choose not to participate in it, regardless
of the situation, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

From: Justin Mann Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: [isb-alumni] Very important day

I'm sorry ou fell that way, but you as a blind person ESPEICALLY need to be heard. Unfortunately, both political parties ahve not embraced a few facts.

1. As disabled people we are a minority, like it or not, that is the case.

2. We are the poorest mnority wth 7% unemployeement. Now, on that, I think that most disabled people(particularly blind) have nobody but themselves to
blame for that, because there are means by which you can find a job. If it means you have to move, then you move. If it menas you have to go work at
Mcdonalds, as long as you have a tax paying job that give you salaries, so that y'all can get off ssi, then you are successful.

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Cindy C.


Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 12:39 PM

Subject: Re: [isb-alumni] Very important day

I don't vote. THis tme around, I don't happen to like any of the candidates anyhow. Won't go into all the reasons either. But suffice it to say that in
the mix of beliefs I grew up with, my views on voting match those of my paternal grandmother, who is a Jehovah's Witness.

However, everyone who does believe in voting should do so and I hope the outcome is favorable.


Amanda wrote:

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Hey, guys. I hope everyone is planning on taking the time to vote
today. It's so important that we are all heard and that we make a
stand and vote this year. I already voted last week by absentee


So...I put the entire line in there...I tell you what I'll agree with some of the things he says like we do have to go out and get jobs, but to have to make do when, I feel, you could easily go out and get a VR caseworker is just...well...either total lack of knowledge, which in his case is not, or wilful avoidance, which would seem more like him...or the third thing is, they just don't want to because it's showing that we prefer special treatment...which is also along the lines of what he may do...though I don't profess to know him all that well anymore.

The Phoenix
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