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party and other stuff...

Hello readers,

Wednesday's halloween party was pretty good, though I only stayed for two hours or so. I went with Andy and that turned out to be the thing that kept me there for a goodly amount of time. I was so very pissed, though because I had no idea we were going to a club because it didn't say anything in the l it said was Fort Myers Beach. When I found out we were going to Junkanus Junk anews, I wasn't all that worried untill I got there only to find out that they had to see some form of ID other than your student one if you were over twenty-one and wanted to participate in something other than the usual soft since I didn't have my state ID because I usually don't carry it...I don't know why, I just dont. Usually it's in my fanny pack, so I take it for granted that it's always there if something should happen. So needless to say I couldn't have alkohol...which didn't ruin my night, for the most part, it just pissed me off that I didn't know that where we were going was a club. I was kind of expecting an outside sort of party that was actually on the beach.
You also had to have a costume to get in and since I couldn't go out and get one, I sort of threw one together with a swimsoot, cover up, a pair of shorts for the pockets, laes for my neck and head,and a bottle of sunscreen...beach girl extravaganza!!
I had a good time, I even stood at the edge of the dance flor and danced for a bit, in place. We left at about eleven thirty. On the bus we met a rather sad case. It was a man who was truly fucked over. He had otten thrown out for buying his friend a drink...and was talking about how he "bet the fuck out of two guys." He said that the guys had jumped them so he and his friend bet them up. Apparently he was arested for that and spent a day in jail. He talked about how he had taken two zanaex bars and drank half a handle one time...Zanex bars ar abbout two grams a piece, mind. He said he was going back to the doctor to remew hisperscription for it. OK alls....zanex is some powerful shit. I took a cort of a pill that one of my friends gave me and I felt...out of it. I can't imagine putting four grams of that stuff through your vodka...and he was still alive!! Anyway Andy told me how people like that ended up...dead, because that's what had happened to his brother. He overdosed and it killed him. We were back on campus by about midnight or so and I got something too eat and Andy walked me home.

Yesterday was pretty good except for I nearly missed my PR class because I overslept my nap time and missed the three thirty bus by two stinking minutes. So I managed to get there and one of te people in ther took me to the class where we went over work and what we had left to do. She told me that we don't have class on Tuesday so that we could meet with our clients and stuff and get caught up.
After that i went to a poetry reading which was a lot of fun and read some of my poemsthere. Two in fact...the bobcat one, and a sonnet I wrote that hasn't been plosted here yet. I did find something out which I didn't know...thatif you put stuff out on the internet, you can't claim first time publishing rights if you want to publish it somewhere else. The poetry reading was hosted by my poetry professor and a girl named Bethian. Michael Heddoc was really good, and I was the first to go after him...hard one that...then it went on after that. poetprodigy7 Zack actually read the patty melt sonnet...I was totally expecting him not to. He's decided to call it lunchtime luvers.
Again after that I went to get something to eat...and the live bandthat was at Baldies sucked ass. The drummer used nearly the same beat for every song...the singer couldn't sing...the guitarist was the best out of the lot...and I'm not sure whether they had a bass player or not.
So I got home...and went to bed kind of early.
I'm about to get ready to go home, so I doubt I'll be posting...
so until we see each other happy halloween, and be sure to scare someone.

The Phoenix
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