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some days...

Good afternoon Journalers,

Yesterday was rather interesting on many fronts.

First of all I had serious debates on going to Terry Tempest Williams' second lecture because I was tired and didn't want to get up. But I ended up going, and I was glad I did.
Sunday's lecture was a lot more formal than this one and this one she talked about how she became an environmentalist and shared stories on that front. She also talked about following your dream, what you love, and your passion.
At the end someone asked about how you got past labels and one response to the question was to not restrict yourself by just one label, but when someone asks what you are say that your that and this...for example, not only am I a Christian, but I am a Christian and an environmentalist. Before I heard him speaking though, I said "Close your eyes for a day." So Terry had me get up in front of the mike because she said that I had a powerful statement. So I did. I said it again and went on to say how the only way I could touch wild animals is when they're mounted, true enough. I can't even get close to trained kestrels, though my dad asks and my hopes get so high that when the person says no I nearly cry...every time.
So then...digression here...on Sunday there was a native American man who asked a question and made some comments and I so wanted to meet him...I just have to meet this person. I could tell just by the way he spoke that he was native and a neat person...end on Monday when he made another comment about how writings should come from other sources than just the anglo-American front, I made not of where he was...oh joy the front row!! After that I went straight to if lead there. He told me about a couple of friends of his that he thought I would get along with really well with and gave me his e-mail and phone number so that I could call him since he didn't have the contact information on him at the time.
Also a couple of women came over and told me about the Shy Wolf Sanctuary where they have animals that you can touch that are actually living...and if I would be interested...duh!!! Ya think? Please...sign me up...yesterday!! LOL I didn't say it like that, but you get the point.
SO after all that excitement I went to lunch at the eagle cafe and came home. Math class was nothing but a blur and then home again. Then Marisol called and asked if I could meet her at the commons so that she could walk the rest of the way over to my place. We had kind of set that up the other day. SO I met her there and we walked back to my place.
Then Tiffany called and she came over too. We talked for a bit, then Andy showed up looking for Jill, and saw me and said hi. He asked if he could come in and hang out...and I didn't really want to because I kind of wanted it to be me in the other two girls...just by ourselves, so I said not tonight. Mari didn't hear me, but when she did she was sort of like...oooh ouch. So he said that he was just walking around and watching TV. I kind of felt bad for snubbing him, so I asked if he wanted to go to the party with me. There is going to be a halloween party on Fort Myers beach tomorrow and the buses are transporting starting at eight thirty. I just didn't really want to have a guy over last night mainly because it was the first time Mari, tifany and I were hanging out together and I wanted it to be just the three of us. Another thing is, I wasn't expecting him, and that kind of made me nervous, maybe it shouldn't have, but there's just something about this one that I can't figure out yet.
He was injured in a car accident and now has a TBI which makes him walk funny and I also think it has made him possessive of other behaviors that I haven't figured out yet. I do want to be friends with him, I give everyone a chance, but as of right now I'm still keeping guards up
Today was pretty uneventful except for the usual three classes. I would be in class right now, but my teacher said that since they were doing brochure lay-outs today, I didn't have to go...yea!!!
Too bad it's only Tuesday.
Oh well, it'll be all good, though I think I may have to go home for Halloween weekend unless I can get someone to change a five for me. Laundry needs really bad.
I suppose that's it for now, so I will write more when I get the chance.

The Phoenix
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