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Hello all,

I went to tthe convocation today and I had a pretty good time. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but Oh well. I thought her speech would be shorter and there would be a longer Q and A, but nonethe less it was absolutely brilliantly done. She talked about a lot of her personal life and shared stories based on some of her essays. She talked about the Red ROck Wilderness prioject, shared opinions on what an open society was, thanked us for our civil disobedience and a lot of other stuff. I went up to talk to her after words and asked her a question that she said she wanted to write an essay in response to...

What is the difference between an advocate of peace and a pacifist?
Basically it's activism versus pacifism, but peace is still involved. Peace is not an easy thing to maintain and needs constant work...or so I've been told. I was flabbergasted. I've neverh had an author want to write an essay in response to one of my questions before. She said that she didn't have an answer and that she couldn't pay me a higher complement, she also praised me on the question.
After I talked to her I went back to talk to a woman with a harp.
She played a piece on it before the speech and during the speech a musical group called Trillium sang a few pieces. Over all it was a good thing and I'm glad I went. It also gave me a chance to better know one of the girls across the hall from me named Heather. She's still nervous about guiding me around, but that's to be expected and I understand that. I'm doing my best to educate her and it's been fun so far. She and I seem to have a lot in common.
On the way home she saw a friend of hers in a thunderbird and started gettingall spazzed out. She wanted him to be her best friend and he sort of snubbed his nose at her...good by...see you later. SHe jokingly told me that she hated him and that she wanted to ride in that car. She kept coming back to the's like instant cargasm right there. I was like "Ah you sighted people and your cars!" 'Course I had no room to talk because I told her about the forest green mustang that I wanted, but was rather hilarious to see her swooning over a guy and his Dad's car. He had his brother in the seat next to him and apparently it was a little two-seater, so we didn't get to ride in it. Not that I minded because it was nice to be able to walk outside and I had just gotten something to eat at the restaurant and was taking it home to have in privacy. I feel like I'm starting to pick up friends and I'm hoping some of them are ones I can be myself around, though with some of them it's still too soon to tell.

The Phoenix
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