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I think maybe...

I'm beginning to think I may have to keep this Andy guy at arm's length. He came looking for me about two hours ago and left when I didn't answer the door. A couple of my other building residents told me that he had been looking for me. I ordered from Marsala's Pizza and Heather and Brian, the two who told me Andy had been looking for me, hung out with me for a while. During that, Andy came over and we hung out after both of them, Brian and Heather left. I had gone to the bathroom, and he started looking at the game systems we have stashed here. We have a PS2 and a super NES and he was looking at the games. He found one that he liked and asked if he could play it. I said Ididn't know because they weren't mine. He was respectful enough to leave them alone, which bodes well for my impression of him. I sang a couple of songs for him, My Immortal and It Wasn't Me. After that he told me that he had been involved with someone for a very long time and that now it wasn't working out and that they were going through a rather nasty break-up and that it had been going on for about four months or so...damn my instincts take off without me sometimes. I had no idea that I was playing to his rather...depressed state of mind. I hope, in some way though, that it helped him. Maybe music does do some good...though with him I wouldn't know...or at least not yet. I just hope he doesn't make a habit of coming over every day or I will be hard put to have patience with him. I know we went out last night and all, and I did tell him he was the first guy I had been out with since my last boyfriend, but that doesn't mean instant dating...and I did tell him today that I'm not looking for a boyfriend. I was sort of glad to hear he was involved until he talked about the break up. Now...well I don't know. I do like the guy, he seems nice, I just hope he doesn't become like a human leech.
I mean, this is what I wanted, friends and all, but ones that become too clingy might become a problem. I am thankful for the friends I am finally being able to make, but if this one is going to become a problem, how do I tell him nicely to back off?

The Phoenix
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