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Hello all readers,

Tonight was a pretty good night I guess. I went to something that the Spanish class was putting on. It was a dance fund raiser and It was pretty neat. I went with a guy named Andy and he and I got along pretty good. Sort of hit it off better than I thought. I thought he was going to be annoying, but it turned out that he wasn't and he was nice. He offered to walk me home, so I let him.
We talked about stuff like when we got sick off being drunk, stories about the crazy things we both did and college stuff, too. I doubt it'll go beyond friendship, but it was really nice to be able to get out for once with someone who you can talk easily with. I think I really needed tonight, even though I really didn't get up and dance. Just talking with someone helps and being able to forget homework for a while. I'm still sort of nervous because he was the first guy I really talked to for a long time outside of class cercumstances since brian...or at least the first guy I talked to in person who was like right here in front of me. But with time that will pass I suppose. the rest of the weekend is going to seem to drag by like...boredom. I'd like to find someone to take me to that Terry Tempest Williams thing on Sunday, but we'll see.
Terry Tempest Williams is an author who wrote a book called "Open Space of Democracy." It's a collection of essalys on a wide variety of subjects including political ones. She is coming to Florida Gulf Coast University SSunday and Monday and Iwould like to make it to both Lectures, but we'll see.
So now that I am done explaining...I will see you all's later.

The Phoenix
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